Eckerson Services


Site Analysis

Every property is unique, presenting its own natural and man-made challenges to a project.  Eckerson Design Associates provides evaluation of the existing conditions, determines the constraints and presents opportunities for achieving our clients’ visions.  Our site analysis process includes evaluation of natural conditions such as vegetation, slopes, soils, sun and wildlife as well as man-made conditions such as the style of architecture, and the increasing number of town and state regulations. 


Master Planning

Through the master planning process we organize our clients’ wishes and goals into a coherent, creative and aesthetically appropriate vision tailored to the property and project. The Master Plan ensures all elements of the project work together, whether implemented in a single effort or phased-in over time.


Garden and Site Design

Whether our clients seek active or passive outdoor living, Eckerson Design Associates has the experience and expertise to create the appropriate setting.  Through the use of time-tested design principles we create outdoor spaces that are beautiful, functional, and gracefully integrate structure and site.  We provide carefully detailed design drawings of garden elements including patios, pools, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, fireplaces, walks and walls. 


Planting Design

Color, texture, form, fragrance and bloom sequencing provide the character and essence of a garden experience.  Eckerson Design Associates creates planting plans for formal gardens, shrub and perennial borders, conservation buffers, foundations and privacy screens.